Shock wave treatment for erectile dysfunction and other penis disorders

Shock waves promote tissue change that can help restore the penis to normal function.


This technique is used to treat patients with erectile dysfunction due to its action in facilitating the formation of blood vessels known as angiogenesis. New blood vessels are formed, which in turn increases blood flow to the erectile tissue and this provides a better erection and better endothelial function. Furthermore, in the case of patients with Peyronie's disease, a type of penile curvature, these shock waves have a beneficial effect on fibrosis and an overall improvement in the healing of the erectile tissue, therefore improving erection quality. The effects are observed around 4 weeks after finishing the treatment.

Why should this technique be performed?

In their 2013 update, the European Association of Urology highlight that this treatment is recommended and carries scientific evidence.

Treatment details

  • In patients with erectile dysfunction, shock wave treatment is performed as a course of 5 sessions. One session is applied each week and in each session we apply 3600 shock waves.
  • As these low-energy shock waves do not cause pain, no anaesthesia is necessary for this procedure.
  • Each session lasts around 15 minutes and at the end of the session, patients can leave immediately and continue their routine without any limitations.
  • In the case of patients with Peyronie's disease, we perform 4 sessions and also 3600 shock waves directly on the plate to improve the erection and to reduce the degree of fibrosis causing the curvature.