No-scalpel, no-incision vasectomy

The technique allows vasectomy to be performed with maximum efficiency and with minimal complications and side effects.


No-scalpel vasectomy is a minimally invasive technique that greatly reduces the rate of complications in both the surgery itself and the postoperative recovery period. The results of the “NO-SCALPEL” technique have shown 10 times fewer incidences of bruises, infections and other complications, which are recorded at 0.4% for no-scalpel vasectomy compared to 3.1% for conventional vasectomies. We have also added the “NO NEEDLE” technique to this new and improved treatment, a method by which we avoid several injections of local anaesthesia that are inevitably uncomfortable for the patient at the beginning of the intervention.

Why should this technique be performed?

It is currently the procedure recommended as the best for vasectomies by the American Urological Association.

Treatment details

  • The procedure doesn’t require inpatient admission. The patient should come to the centre accompanied by a family member or friend a few minutes before the procedure, and they can go home straight after the procedure. Once at home, it’s important to rest for 48 hours.
  • The wound heals spontaneously within 72 hours and postoperative pain and swelling are minimal.